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Unit 1 - What's in it for me?
Unit 2 - Saltland Basics
Unit 3 - Can I trust the technology?
Unit 4 - Plant and animal performance
Unit 5 - Sheep, cattle and conservation
Unit 6 - Do the $$$'s stack up?
Unit 7 - The saltland toolbox
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Solution 1: Exclude grazing
Solution 2: Volunteer pasture
Solution 3: Saltbush
Solution 4: Saltbush & Understorey
Solution 5: Tall Wheatgrass
Solution 6: Puccinellia
Solution 7: Vegetative grasses
Solution 8: Temperate perennials
Solution 9: Sub-tropicals
Solution 10: Legumes
Solution 11: Revegetation
Solution 12: Messina
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The people who made Saltland Genie™ happen

The Saltland Genie website was the combined vision of the late Kim Mitchell (Currie Communications Pty Ltd) and Warren Mason (RPC Solutions).

The majority of the development work was conducted by Warren Mason, Bruce Munday (Clear Connections), Gabrielle Sheehan (Currie Communications Pty Ltd), Ed Barrett-Lennard (Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA)/Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre) and Nick Edwards (South Australian Research & Development Institute (SARDI)/FFI CRC).

In addition the following people made significant contributions through collating, writing or editing components of the 11 Saltland Solutions:


  • Elizabeth Abraham, SARDI Livestock & Farming Systems
  • Ed Barrett-Lennard, DAFWA
  • John Bartle, Department of Environment WA
  • Luke Beange, NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • Andrew Craig, SARDI
  • Nick Edwards, SARDI
  • Justin Hardy, DAFWA
  • Don Loch, Queensland Department of Primary Industries
  • Malcolm McCaskill, Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
  • Craig Liddicoat, Rural Solutions SA
  • Jock McFarlane, Rural Solutions South Australia
  • Geoff Moore, DAFWA
  • Phil Nichols, DAFWA
  • Hayley Norman, CSIRO Livestock Industries
  • Paul Sanford, DAFWA
  • Bill Semple, NSW DPI (retired)

Web site development was undertaken by L Cubed.

The Saltland Genie character was created by Nectarine.

The project operated under the guidance of a steering group consisting of Ed Barrett-Lennard, Luke Beange, Nick Edwards, Mike Ewing (Research Director, FFI CRC), Renelle Jeffrey (Australian Wool Innovation Ltd), Greg Lawrence (FFI CRC) and Mike Wagg (Land Water and Wool).

Currie Communications

RPC Solutions Pty Ltd  

Clear Communications


Kim Mitchell

Kim Mitchell (1971-2007) was a senior consultant with Currie Communications and the Communications Manager for SGSL. Kim was a creative communicator whose inspiration was felt throughout the SGSL program. He loved stories about people and what they had achieved, particularly in the face of a challenge. It was Kim who introduced the word 'pride' into SGSL and gave that very human emotion to the SGSL message. Kim set astronomical standards and inspired all who worked with him. He convinced many scientists of the great value of good communication to their research.